In memory of Christina Annesley.

Christina Annesley. Photo: @chrstinadarling on Twitter


As many of you will know, my friend Christina Annesley passed away yesterday from natural causes. She was on a prolonged holiday in Thailand and southeast Asia. I’m not going to focus on the sensationalised media coverage of her untimely death, nor do I want to write about Christina the politico. She was more than that. She was a diamond, a Whovian, a wine aficionado, and a warm and compassionate human being who made friends across the political spectrum. The outpouring of grief from every corner of the British political twittersphere illustrates how beloved our Christina was.

Was. Feels perverse referring to her in the past tense.

I never met Christina in person, something I will forever regret. I was meant to, back in November, but our schedules never synced up. Still, she invited me to stay with her. She was that kind of person. A stranger she knew only online, from an ocean away, was invited into her home cos kindness. Like I said. A diamond.

My thoughts and (oh, she’d hate this) prayers go out to her mum and dad, her mates, and Olly, her beloved. I can’t imagine the utter pain you must be experiencing. Light and love to you all.

But this isn’t a mournful post. Where I’m from, in Appalachia, we have a tradition of wakes, where we stay up all night around a coffin, remembering the good times and celebrating the life of the person we’ve lost. With that, I give you what is, in a way, Christina’s best bits, at least with me. These are a series of tweets between Christina and me over the past year, tweets I will forever remember, smile at, and cherish.

Christina, we will forever miss and mourn you. You were a rising star, a rock star, and simply darling. This world is not as bright now you’re not with us.

And I know you’d hate this song, but it’s basically been playing nonstop in my ears today. I apologise in advance for all the God and religion and stuff. I’m American. I can’t help myself.

But ma’am… rest well. Sleep soundly. We love you.


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