Skylar Baker-Jordan interviewed by Democratically and the LaFollette Press

Last weekend, I was a guest on Karin Robinson‘s Democratically podcast. I have done Karin’s show several times this year, and it is always a delight to speak with her. This was, however, my favourite appearance. We had a thoughtful conversation about Joe Biden’s cabinet nominees, the changing political landscape of the South, and how we bring the country together after four years of Donald Trump. I hope you’ll have a listen.

Also last week, I was interviewed by Eva Herinkova of the LaFollette Press, my local newspaper. She focused on my work with The Independent, especially my previous work commenting on UK politics (which I plan to do more of in the New Year, even if only on this blog and Medium). Herinkova is a young reporter fresh out of the University of Tennessee, and I enjoyed her questions and the chat we had. She has a bright future, I have no doubt.

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