About Skylar

Skylar Baker-Jordan is an internationally published writer, journalist, and commentator. His work has appeared in a myriad of print and online publications, including the Independent, Huff Post UK, Salon, The Daily Dot, and elsewhere. Writing about politics, pop culture, and LGBT rights from a transatlantic perspective, Skylar has been interviewed or featured by an array of outlets, including the BBC World Service. Additionally, he has spoken or lectured at a variety of institutions, from churches to universities. Throughout his career, Skylar has interviewed Members of Parliament, Peers sitting in the House of Lords, and an Academy Award-winning actress.

His love affair with Britain began at an early age, and he grew up on a steady diet of “EastEnders,” “Big Brother,” and “As Time Goes By.” He has covered every general election since 2010 and, in 2017, led The Gay UK Magazine’s election coverage.

Born in the Rust Belt, Skylar was raised between Dayton, Ohio, and the small mountain hamlet of Hyden, Kentucky. He graduated with a degree in history from Western Kentucky University, and lived in Chicago for several years before relocating to the south. He currently lives in the mountains of East Tennessee in a town his family has called home for six generations.

To contact Skylar, please e-mail him at skylar.bakerjordan@gmail.com



6 responses to “About Skylar”

  1. I just wanted to let you know that YOU SUCK, your “work” is spreading misinformation. You are not reporting, you are expressing stupid opinions.
    Good day and wish your connection will be lost.

    • Hi! Thanks for reading. You are write, I am not reporting. I am an opinion writer. I write my opinions and provide analysis to the day’s news. That is my job. My job is not to objectively report – that is what hard news reporters do, and I admire them greatly – nor is it to write your opinions.

      Your comment belies a fundamental misunderstanding of the role of columnist/opinion writer and a total lack of media literacy. It is concerning. I implore you to please take a media studies course if you can.

      In the meantime, you are free to disagree with my opinions, and I welcome your feedback and any civil conversation you with to initiate. What you are not free to do is misrepresent my work or insult me. I will not abide rudeness.

  2. She can tax the rich all she wants, It still wont be enough to pay for all the socialist programs she has in mind. One article I read stated the govt. estimates that the new tax rates over $400,000 would bring in $600 B over 10 years. This would not come close to paying for just the $3.5 T budget bill now going through Congress, and there are all sorts of tax cuts to green companies that will offset at least some if not all of the proposed tax gains.

  3. I have read an article by Skylar Baker-Johnson about the NHS. It reveals he has no understanding or knowledge of this vast organization, overstaffed by ‘managers’ and under-staffed with people who actually do the work. The budget for this year is £150 billion pounds, paid from taxes. It might be free at the point of contact, but it is far from free! the worst of the privatisation stemmed from the 2004 Doctor’s contract, which allowed doctors to buy in services – from whom, other than private companies? – so that they need no longer do the evening and weekend work that had been an acknowledged part of their duties. The doctors took a pay-cut for this, but were then paid for conducting all sorts of ‘health checks’. We have now reached the stage with many GPs that they seem willing only do do the things that get extra income, even though GPs average pay almost doubled in the three or four years after the contract was introduced. Now, the majority of GPs work part-time, as they can do so very comfortably on a part-time income. Hence it is practically impossible for anyone to get a face-to-face appointment with a GP, especially after all the paranoia about Coved-19

  4. I have read some of your work. You throw around the word hero very loosely . You are not alone. People of your generation think anyone who has made money or is infamous or famous, is a hero . Look at the Kardashians and Meghan Markle., who you think is a hero. L They have saved no lives , nor lived in great poverty risen to great heights in accomplishments that helped others. These woman have never risked their lives to save another life. to people Have you ever heard of real heroes, like the young African American,woman, a 32 year old physician and scientist who was on the lead team that discovered the COVID-19 vaccine? Silly me , she is not rich or famous bas she works the federal government. That is the kind of role model most African American people want for their children. I am a biracial woman. When Megan Markle was volunteering on holidays, my family lived a life of service on a daily basis . My mom was a registered nurse, who was raised in the old racist Native American Indian boarding schools, where 6000 children never returned to their families and are thought to have been murdered . My mom went on to win a full academic scholarship to the university of her choice .. She graduated from the university of Colorado Nursing school in 1947 with a bachelor’s degree. My mom went on to dedicate her life to serving her people on Native American reservations across America. She was one of the first Native American woman to work in the federal system in a management role . I was born on the Osage reservation. raised on the Navajo reservation, and mom worked with the tribes in Oklahoma. On her day off , she traveled the isolated country of the Navajo Nations vaccinating people who had no vehicles, with polio vaccine other vaccines. My mom delivered babies in hogans on the Navajo reservation. I went on to follow in my mothers footsteps and became a registered nurse. I worked for my people and other tribes in the most isolated , poverty ridden areas of Native American country . I saw physicians and nurses of African American, and Native American descent give up big salaries and big accolades to work in Montana, Mexico, the Dakotas, and other isolated areas most people would never have lived. Please do not put up people like Meghan Markle as heroes for African American and other minority groups. Heroes are rarely found living in great wealth and focused on their own privileged lives .

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