About Skylar

Skylar Baker-Jordan is an internationally published writer, journalist, and commentator. His work has appeared in a myriad of print and online publications, including the Independent, Huff Post UK, Salon, The Daily Dot, and elsewhere. Writing about politics, pop culture, and LGBT rights from a transatlantic perspective, Skylar has been interviewed or featured by an array of outlets, including the BBC World Service. Additionally, he has spoken or lectured at a variety of institutions, from churches to universities. Throughout his career, Skylar has interviewed Members of Parliament, Peers sitting in the House of Lords, and an Academy Award-winning actress.

His love affair with Britain began at an early age, and he grew up on a steady diet of “EastEnders,” “Big Brother,” and “As Time Goes By.” He has covered every general election since 2010 and, in 2017, led The Gay UK Magazine’s election coverage.

Born in the Rust Belt, Skylar was raised between Dayton, Ohio, and the small mountain hamlet of Hyden, Kentucky. He graduated with a degree in history from Western Kentucky University, and lived in Chicago for several years before relocating to the south. He currently lives in the mountains of East Tennessee in a town his family has called home for six generations.

To contact Skylar, please e-mail him at skylar.bakerjordan@gmail.com



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