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  • Calendars and racist tchotchkes

    Calendars and racist tchotchkes

    That’s the thing about writing professionally no one tells you about: you spend a lot of time not actually writing but rather doing office work.

  • Looking back on 2020, looking ahead to 2021

    Looking back on 2020, looking ahead to 2021

    If you can’t tell, that picture is fake. My teeth aren’t that white, or that straight. My skin is not that flawless. Oh, and as if anyone is celebrating New Year’s Eve in a massive crowd this year. Yeah, that isn’t happening. At least IT BETTER NOT BE HAPPENING. (Looking at you. Yes you. You […]

  • Fuck 2014. Let’s Raise a Glass to 2015!

    My mate Jim tweeted about a tradition he has of opening the door to show the old year out and show the new year in. I like this. I’m happy to see the back of 2014, and excited to meet 2015. Look, this year fucking sucked. I entered it depressed, was sacked from a job […]

  • 2014 And All That: A primer for the new year

    Right. Where was I? So here we are on Blue Monday, when the festive warmth dissipates and we suddenly realise that, without the intoxicating mix of Christmas lights and liquor, bloody hell, this weather is shit. We also realise that politics is, too. What did we miss over the holiday season? Nick Griffin went bankrupt, […]